Samantha Neumann
Board member

Samantha grew up on her family’s wheat and wool property, east of the Barossa ranges. Her passion for agriculture was formed there, and while she enjoys and maintains active involvement in operations, it has been within Agency where that passion has been fostered and encouraged to grow. Currently employed by Elders, as the e-commerce coordinator in the National Livestock team, she focuses on developing and delivering digital solutions that connect producers to their markets and enable agents to be relevant and responsive through technology adaption. She has a particular interest in data, predictive analytics and machine learning, and the opportunities that lie ahead for this technology in the livestock sector. She enjoys participation in a number of industry bodies, including the SA Sheep Expo and SA Agricultural Bureau, and has been the recipient of scholarships including AWI Breeding Leadership, Angus Australia Kansas State University and WPA Raising the Baa – Australian Institute of Company course.