The Minister has approved the release of $4.25 million from the Sheep Industry Fund in 2020-21 for projects to benefit South Australia’s sheep industry as recommended by the Sheep Industry Fund Board. Expenditure from the Sheep Industry Fund also funds administration, board expenses and refund payments.

Details of actual fund expenditure will be published in the 2020-21 Sheep Industry Fund Annual Report and made available once this report has been tabled in Parliament.

Animal Health

Toxoplasma Control and Prevention Program

Service Provider: University of Adelaide

Control and prevention of toxoplasma gondii associated reproductive loss in sheep.

$ 70,140.00

Footrot Management Program

Service Provider: Biosecurity SA

The program aims to reduce the animal welfare issues and economic impact of the spread of footrot in the South Australian sheep industry and to assist sheep producers with virulent footrot to manage the disease.

$ 783,108.00

Farm Biosecurity and Endemic Disease Management Program

Service Provider: Biosecurity SA

Johne’s disease management program assists producers in managing Johne’s disease within their flocks and high biosecurity flocks to maintain status. Provide integrity to industry assurance programs to support national and international trade of premium product.

$ 238,737.00

Sheep Lice Compliance Program

Service Provider: Biosecurity SA

The sheep lice program minimises the impact of sheep lice on the Industry by providing inspectorial services, education, advice and where appropriate compliance action.

$ 172,150.00


National Livestock Identification System Compliance Program - Sheep

Service Provider: Biosecurity SA

The NLIS Sheep Program supports the South Australian sheep industry by monitoring and enforcing compliance with sheep identification and traceability standards for the purpose of disease control, food safety and market access.

$ 361,873.00

Predator Control

Wild Dog Trapper Program

Service Provider: Biosecurity SA

Reduce the spread and impacts of wild dogs on livestock production inside the Dog Fence through the employment of two FTE trappers in SA.

$ 37,500.00

Box Flat Wild Dog Control Program

Service Provider: Upper South East NRM Board

The Box Flat Dingo control Project is to assist landowners around Ngarkat Conservation Park with the control of Wild Dogs/Dingoes

$ 5,100.00

Biteback Wild Dog Control Program

Service Provider: SA Arid Lands NRM Board

To reduce the impact of wild dogs (dingoes and their hybrids) on the sheep industry in the SA pastoral zone and to support landholders to control wild dogs.

$ 224,288.00


Livestock SA Advocacy Program

Service Provider: Livestock SA

Facilitates Livestock SA advocacy efforts.

$ 420,000.00

Industry Development

Growth of Red Meat and Wool Industries Program

Service Provider: Rural Solutions SA

A collaborative program to improve sheep productivity, profitability and quality through the enhanced utilisation of technology and data, together with improved business acumen with the aim to increase the number and quality of sheep produced.

$ 150,000.00

Sheep Connect SA Communications

Service Provider: Rural Solutions SA

SheepConnect SA is Australian Wool Innovation Ltd.’s lead extension project in South Australia for information and skill development of wool producers.

$ 36,000.00

Merino Sire Evaluation

Service Provider: Merino SA

The site is seeking support to collect carcass phenotypes for eating quality traits (intramuscular fat % and shearforce) which are of critical importance to maintaining lamb eating quality and providing further information to inform sire selection.

$ 23,000.00

Sheep Expo 2020

Service Provider: SA Sheep Expo Council

Ensure that the South Australian sheep industry attracts young people that will engage and contribute to the long-term viability of the industry by developing industry capability and capacity.

$ 14,500.00

Farm Gross Margin Budget Update 2020

Service Provider: Rural Solutions SA

Produce an updated Farm Gross Margin Guide for use by crop and livestock producers in SA as part of their farm business planning process in 2021.

$ 6,000.00


Livestock SA Sheep Industry Fund Governance and Administration Services

Service Provider: Livestock SA

The project supports the governance and administration structures of the SA Sheep Industry Fund Board.

$ 104,220.00

Other approved 2020-21 Sheep Industry Fund expenditure

Dog fence rebuild

Service Provider:

$ 758,000.00

Dog fence maintenance

Service Provider:

$ 248,356.00

Enhanced Abattoir Surveillance Program

Service Provider:

$ 577,283.00