Heritage Agreements

Livestock SA has teamed up with non-government conservation organisations to bring life back to Native Vegetation Heritage Agreements, through the Revitalising Private Conservation in South Australia program.

The program aims to expand the number, extent and quality of protected areas of native vegetation on private land in South Australia.

Livestock SA has a dedicated Outreach Officer to provide support and resources to assist property owners and managers to apply for Heritage Agreements or grant funding, to allow important nature conservation works to be undertaken on properties.

  • Do you have an important piece of bush that is worth protecting for future generations to enjoy?
  • Do you want to do your part in protecting flora and fauna in SA’s significant ecosystems?
  • Do you have a bush block rich in biodiversity and not sure what to do with it?

Aleesha Lesiuk

Livestock SA Outreach Officer

0419 035 459
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Resources & Fact Sheets

To find out more about this exciting new program visit: www.naturefoundation.org.au/conservation/revitalising-conservation

For further information and how to apply for a Native Vegetation Heritage Agreement visit: www.environment.sa.gov.au/topics/native-vegetation/protecting-enhancing/heritage-agreements

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