Dr Stephen Lee
The University of Adelaide

Stephen is the Partnerships Manager for the Davies Livestock Research Centre with the University of Adelaide where his focus is on forming collaborative research and development programs spanning livestock health and wellbeing, genetics, productivity and product quality. In 2015 Stephen was appointed the manager of the SA Sheep Industry Blueprint Beef Industry Blueprint. Through his time as Blueprint Manager he successfully led the development and implementation of the Sheep and Beef Blueprint. In 2019 Stephen was supported by Wool Producers Australia to undertake the Australian Institute of Company Directors course of which he is a graduate. From 2011- 2015 Stephen worked in applied livestock R&D spanning areas including increasing rate of genetic gain, improving meat quality, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving on-farm productivity. Stephen is the South Australian site representative for the Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Association and represents University of Adelaide on the Southern Australian Livestock Research Council and SA Sheep and Beef Industry Blueprint Executive. Stephen is motivated to help continue the successful implementation of the SA Sheep Industry and Beef Industry Blueprints for the benefit of stakeholders across the red meat and wool value chain.